Our goal is to bring JOY & LOVE into your home one furry bundle at a time!

Who we are

About Our Family and how Sister Doodles was born…

My husband Shawn and I have been married 27 years. We were high school sweethearts and classmates graduating in 1992. We have been richly blessed with FOUR wonderful daughters—Brooke, Hope, Paige, & Faith. Shawn is an agronomist, or as us girls call him a “crop doctor”. He works for the company Syngenta as a digital agricultural specialist and works from his home office. I am a Registered Nurse by trade but have been blessed to be a stay-at-home & homeschool mom since 2005 when our youngest was born.

Our breeding journey started back in 2017 when daughters Hope & Paige began working for a wonderful, local breeder.

During their employment they learned so much about the different aspects of breeding responsibly. Not only did they fall in love with all the puppies, they also fell in love with a female Australian Shepherd that their employer was looking to rehome as she neared her retirement. Shania soon became Hope’s (daughter #2) dog. She was blessed with the opportunity to have one last litter of pups before she agreed to have her spayed.

We were mentored through genetic testing, breeding, whelping, raising, & marketing our first litter of puppies by the absolute best group of local breeders. We homeschooled our girls and so the adventure of raising puppies brought with it many opportunities for different hands-on classes. Web design, customer service, animal science, marketing, & photography became classes readily available to our girls through our small business. The business was born & the name Sister Doodles was aptly chosen.

Since those early years many things have changed. The Lyberg nest is now empty–we have gained two wonderful son-in-laws, but our love for puppies is still the same. Although our girls no longer live under our roof they are still very involved with different aspects of the business. Our breeding program is small. We raise our puppies right in our home. Each puppy is loved and handled daily. Our mama dogs are loved and pampered. Our goal is to raise healthy, well-socialized puppies and to bring JOY to families one furry bundle at a time.